Modular carport structures from Schletter offer attractive PV racking solutions for your energy project.  Additional benefits include shady parking spaces in summer, protected loading and unloading in case of rain, and added insurance against damage from hail.  Contact us at INDI Solar today to start planning your solar parkade.

INDI Solar presents:  Schletter's Park@Sol Modular Carports for Power Generation

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Fuel   Save   Controller

RIGHT:  The Qusahwira Camp in the Abu Dhabi desert houses more than 5000 people.  It has over 1500 solar panels that produce approximately 610 MWh per year.  The power produced feeds directly into one of the camps diesel generator powerhouses.  This system will offset 420 tons of CO2 per year.  The system is mounted on a structural steel super structure directly over the camp buildings, thereby not  impacting the total footprint of the companies presence on the land.  Also, the addition of the panels creates significant amounts of shade on the buildings below, further reducing the cooling demand during the heat of the day.

                             UTILITY SCALE

                        PV DIESEL HYBRID

                           WITH STORAGE:  


Above:  The world’s largest PV-diesel hybrid power plant with a battery storage system was constructed in the Bolivian province of Pando. SMA was not only selected to supply the PV inverters for this project, but also SMA’s Fuel Save Controller, which recently won the Intersolar Award in the PV category.  SMA was also selected to provide four newly-developed inverters for large-scale battery storage systems using lithium-ion technology. (PHOTO: courtesy of SMA)

This PV-diesel hybrid power plant with battery storage system has an estimated output of approximately 5MW and is designed to generate enough clean solar power to cover about half of the energy demand in the provincial capital of Cobija and neighboring towns in northern Bolivia. The residents and companies of this area consume about 37GWh of energy per year—a rate that is steadily increasing.

Here are some statistics from the system:

​                                                                                Installed PV Power:  5.2MW                                                    Annual PV Yield:  7,500 MWh                                                                                             Installed Battery Power:  2.2MW                                         Annual Diesel Savings:  1.9 million Litres

                                                                                  Diesel Generators:  15.2MVA

INDI Solar presents:  SMA's Fuel Save Controller

The SMA Fuel Save Controller has been designed to integrate SMA PV inverters into diesel genset networks.  The main purpose of the SMA Fuel Save Controller is to save fuel by substituting parts of the genset load with PV energy and allow for a stable network operation at the same time.  The PV plant can be regarded as a power generator operating in parallel with the gensets.  As a supporting part of a genset network, it is mandatory to provide certain features related to power controller, synchronisation and emergency operation.  This can be assured with the installation of the SMA Fuel Save Controller combined with SMA PV inverters, even at a high PV penetration of up to 60%.  Nevertheless, the genset control system always remains the leading component of the network.