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INDI Solar Inc. provides professional pre-sales services to get your solar project on track. Choose from a variety of available services starting at ‚Äč $99+gst for a basic solar project design and simulation.

INDI Solar is experienced in the design, sales, and construction of solar PV systems here in Alberta. Our solar installers at INDI Solar, work very closely with our clients to ensure that individual project goals are clearly defined and the overall definition of success is well understood before any purchasing decisions are made. If you are planning a GRID TIED project, please use the form below to submit your project information.

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You will need to collect some electrical billing history to complete the form. No less than 12 months of consecutive electrical billing information is generally needed to size your system properly. Once you have gathered your electrical bills you can enter the total Kilowatt Hours for the year in the space provided below.

Grid Connected Project Design and Simulation

  • Project Design & Simulation
  • PVsyst Report Example
  • Additional Basic Package Content

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Packages from $99+gst

The STARTING POINT for solar project management

What is included in the basic package?  the PVSyst report & more !

The PVSyst photovoltaic software simulation report includes:

  • On site survey and analysis
  • System design with quantity and size of solar modules and cost estimate/quote
  • Inverter brand, quantity, size and cost estimate/quote 
  • Racking type selection and cost estimate/quote
  • Balance of system requirements and construction cost estimate
  • Solar resource availability assessment based on array location, orientation & inclination
  • Annual and monthly solar electricity production simulation 
  • Monthly Performance ratio evaluation
  • Chart of system losses based on design & location
  • Economic evaluation based on cost of materials and interest rates, detailing the cost of power produced over lifecycle term.

Why is this information important to me?

The PVSyst report is a vital first step in developing a plan for any grid connected power generating system.  It presents all the necessary information to the project owner in advance of making the decision to go solar.

  • The report lays out the necessary technical information required when applying to the Alberta Utilities Commission with a notice of project application
  • It provides the necessary information when applying for your Electrical Permit
  • It provides the necessary information when applying for grant funding from government rebate programs such as the case with the Alberta Growing Forward 2 - On Farm Solar program 
  • It demonstrates the potential for future cost savings against rising electricity costs
  • It serves as a financial planning aid when considering new investments for your home or business.


  • Simulation Parameters

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  • Shading & Horizon Parameters

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  • Production Simulation

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  • System Input & Losses

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  • Economic Evaluation

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  • Turn Key System Quote

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  • Site Plan Diagram

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  • Single Line Diagram

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  • Rebate Policy Certificate

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