Project Design & Simulation


Commercial Agricultural Ground Mount Alberta

Packages from $99+gst

The STARTING POINT for solar project management

What is included in the basic package?  the PVSyst report & more !

The PVSyst photovoltaic software simulation report includes:

  • On site survey and analysis
  • System design with quantity and size of solar modules and cost estimate/quote
  • Inverter brand, quantity, size and cost estimate/quote 
  • Racking type selection and cost estimate/quote
  • Balance of system requirements and construction cost estimate
  • Solar resource availability assessment based on array location, orientation & inclination
  • Annual and monthly solar electricity production simulation 
  • Monthly Performance ratio evaluation
  • Chart of system losses based on design & location
  • Economic evaluation based on cost of materials and interest rates, detailing the cost of power produced over lifecycle term.

Why is this information important to me?

The PVSyst report is a vital first step in developing a plan for any grid connected power generating system.  It presents all the necessary information to the project owner in advance of making the decision to go solar.

  • The report lays out the necessary technical information required when applying to the Alberta Utilities Commission with a notice of project application
  • It provides the necessary information when applying for your Electrical Permit
  • It provides the necessary information when applying for grant funding from government rebate programs such as the case with the Alberta Growing Forward 2 - On Farm Solar program 
  • It demonstrates the potential for future cost savings against rising electricity costs
  • It serves as a financial planning aid when considering new investments for your home or business.